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Abigail is a climate-concerned mother and passionate eco enthusiast. This summer she released her first book BIRTH AT THE END OF THE EARTH: My Journey from eco-anxiety to eco-action.


She is dedicated to sharing the positive eco stories of everyday people radically changing with the climate for the sake of their children and future generations.​

If you would like to join the Eco Enthusiast Facebook group click here. We share poetry, recipes, our thoughts on the podcast guests, and much more. 

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Are you a parent nervous about the planet we are handing our children? Birth At The End Of The Earth is a humourous, heartwarming, and down-to-earth account of one mother's journey from eco-anxiety to eco-action. These inspiring and easy-to-read personal essays offer insights into how we can all find peace and personal transformation by confronting our ecological emergency.
An Aussie ex-pat living in Madrid, Abigail is a new mother in an intercultural marriage, navigating a rapidly changing world; climate crisis awakening, Australia burning, and a global pandemic.
Abigail takes us on her journey of self-discovery, from paralyzing eco-anxiety to becoming what she calls an Eco Enthusiast. This book will embolden parents to become active in birthing a new and better world for their children.


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